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 Ecchii's GM app...

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PostSubject: Ecchii's GM app...   Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:04 pm

Name: Paul A.
Age: 15
Location: California, USA
Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone
Email: Contact me on: necronym@yahoo.com

First and foremost,

My name is Paul and I'm fifteen years old. I have been playing Maplestory for over three years and I play on the name , Prevail.

I have been a GM on a few different servers and I have hosted my own server for a short while. I

I take my job as a GM seriously and I always carry out my GM duties as a professional. I do not ban for grudges or if somebody pisses me off; I only ban if somebody deliberately breaks the rules. I don't let emotion affect my decisions.

I am very experienced in tech support and I'm able to fix almost any problem a player is having, assuming they have the intelligence to follow directions. I've never been not able to help somebody fix their problem.

I am very experienced in hacking so I know what all the hackers are doing to try to gain an unfair advantage in this game. I know the name of every hack and I can instantly recognize any of them. I know what hackers do to try and avoid the GMs, I know what hacks they use, and I know where they go. Chances are I'm a more experienced hacker than any given hacker that tries to hack on a server I'm playing.

I'm not going to even go into my skills at banning hackers. People always put that and act like it's amazing that they can ban lots of them. It's nothing special to me, really, it's simple and most of the time hackers don't get by me. I'm not of them loser who gets pissed because someone is pissing me off.

On top of my vast knowledge of this game on both the GMs side and the hacker's side, I have an IQ of approximately 145.

Anyways, to continue...

I'm pretty good at hosting events and I don't do retarded ones like randomly spawning bosses in the FM. I actually make a game out of events and make it fun for everybody. I've held over 300+ events in my past years.

I'm very fair when it comes to punishment and I will usually hear anyone out when giving out consequences. I don't abuse my GM powers like so many people do. I see so many people banning players left and right just because they smega saying that they don't like one of the GMs. I'm not like that at all.

I can follow instructions very easily and I don't need to be told twice what the rules are.

Are you able to speak, read, and write fluently in any other language besides English? Yes. I speak tagalog, visaya, a few filipino languages.

Average number of hours per day you play: 1-8 hours.

Number of hours per day you would be able commit: 8 hours for sure.

Number of hours per vacation day you would be able to commit: 30 mins. fewer, im an addict @_@ <3

Why are you applying for the GM position? What do you hope to accomplish by becoming a GM? I accomplish to be the best gm there is. I wanted to be respected. If you respect me, i respect you.

Are you willing and able to follow specific rules and directions well? Very well.

Is there any reason you should not be selected to become a GM? No. I believe that i have a chance in being a gm here.

What do you think qualifies you to be a GM? Been a gm in two v55 servers, all shut down.

What do you think is the most important responsibility of a GM? Respect and helping others. I have no care if some idiot says bann him for no reason. Respect & helping others.

What does being a GM mean to you? It means a lot to me. Being a game master is an honor, i mean its a privilege.

What qualities and skills could you offer that others could not? For example: Since my ap was bugged, Chris, helped me and put it back. I would offer that kind of help.

Have you ever disagreed with a GM's action? Yes, some gm's dont follow the rules and break them, and thats where i come in.

How would you describe your personality? Funny. Loving. Respectful. Trustworthy. Helpful.

If selected, what kind of GM would you strive to be? A SuperGM. I would like it.

On a scale of 1-10, how devoted are you willing to be to your GM duties and responsibilities? 9. If i picked 10, i may not be on sometimes, due to sickness, traveling, or any others.

Hypothetically, is there any reason why you would not choose to accept the GM position? Sometimes being a gm is very hard working, yet i strive to do my best.
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PostSubject: Re: Ecchii's GM app...   Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:32 pm

You should read the outline before you apply.
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PostSubject: Re: Ecchii's GM app...   Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:49 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Ecchii's GM app...   

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Ecchii's GM app...
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