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 TruePower's (GM\coder) application

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PostSubject: TruePower's (GMcoder) application   Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:03 pm

Name: Timothy

Age: 16

Birth day: 1-18-94

Stuff about me: I live in Michigan, I swim, play football, basket ball, run track, I fix cars with my dad, I build computers and program them. I don’t stop something that I have started. I am very nice to everyone equally. I am loyal to all friends and try to make new friends all the time. I don’t like losing friends ever.

IGN: TruePower

Email: timmo583@yahoo.com

Time zone: Eastern

Weekday times you can be on: Everyday

Weekend times you can be on: Everyday

Can you follow instructions and the GM rules: Yes actually it is very easy to follow the rules and I will of course.
Have you been a GM Before (if yes, where? and providing proof will give you a higher chance of becoming one): I have been a Super GM in 14 other servers (DeanMS, StarlightMS, ElectricMS, CrazyMS, DarknessMS, EliteMS, LeafMS, ChickenMS, LonerMS) These are just a few I couldn't remember the rest.

Why do you want to be gm: I love the ability to help people out, to stop people from breaking the rules, and to make the community fair and enjoyable for all!!!

What would you do if there was a hacker: I would watch and see if it was really hacks and take screen shots and then I would jail as a first warning then after showing admin the screen shots and with permission I would ban.

What would you do to help the server: Answer questions, find glitches, find hackers, ask questions to people to see they want in the server or how the server could be improved.

Would you abuse your powers: No there is no point in abusing something that is a privilege and can easily be taken away.

If selected, what kind of GM would you strive to be: I would be respectable, hard working, fair, and loyal (to the server and owner and of course the players) meaning not leave just because I don’t like how something is going or because I don’t get my way.

Are you a coder? If yes, how skilled do you think you are: Yes, and I am rather good I think I would rather not post the code because people have stolen from me in the past.

Here is a code for MSI npc:
By Tim
Max Stat Item NPC


var status = 0;
var selected = 1;
var wui = 0;

function start() {
status = -1;
action(1, 0, 0);

function action(mode, type, selection) {
selected = selection;
if (mode == -1) {
} else {
if (status >= 0 && mode == 0) {
if (mode == 1)
if (status == 0) {
cm.sendAcceptDecline("Hey, Welcome to #rYourServer#k Max Stat Item NPC!#k\r\n#rPlease Meet these Requirements: \r\n\r\n#b30,000 Stats in all#k\r\n#b100 Tetris Pieces\r\n#b1 VotePoints\r\n#b1 White Scrolls");
} else if (status == 1) {
if (cm.getPlayer().getStr() > 29999 && cm.getPlayer().getDex() > 29999 && cm.getPlayer().getInt() > 29999 && cm.getPlayer().getLuk() > 29999 && cm.getPlayer().getVotePoints() > 4 && cm.haveItem(4030002, 250) && cm.haveItem(2340000, 3)){
var String = "Please Choose your desire item or nx you want as your new MSI. Please check your Inventory to make sure u have enough room because, we don't give back refunds.Enjoy!\r\n\r\n";
} else {
cm.sendOk ("Sorry but you don't meet the requirements to do this procedure");
} else if (status == 2) {
cm.MakeGMItem(selected, cm.getP());
cm.getPlayer().setStr(4); cm.getPlayer().setDex(4); cm.getPlayer().setLuk(4); cm.getPlayer().setInt(4);
cm.gainItem(4030002, -250)
cm.gainItem(2340000, -3);
cm.getPlayer().setVotePoints(cm.getPlayer().getVotePoints() -4 );
if (selection == 1) {
cm.sendOk("Alright see you next time.");
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PostSubject: Re: TruePower's (GM\coder) application   Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:52 pm

That's not your fucking npc code retard.
It's the Rydah MS's NPC, off of ragezone...
the 2 items at teh bottom in the code, White Scrolls and Tetris Pieces.

Denied. Don't bullshit us, we're not stupid.
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PostSubject: Re: TruePower's (GM\coder) application   Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:48 pm

nigga got smacked. shaplz
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PostSubject: Re: TruePower's (GM\coder) application   Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:24 am

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PostSubject: Re: TruePower's (GM\coder) application   

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TruePower's (GM\coder) application
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