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 Tyler's GM application

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PostSubject: Tyler's GM application   Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:49 pm

taeyeon TYLER'S APPLICATION sunnyy
(Click for visuals and sound effect)

In the future of this application, I'll try to avoid bright colors that hurt your eyes like these

Applying for:

Yo, I'm Tyler. Very Happy

If you dont know/math isn't your passion THEN highlight! ->

Where do you LIVE!? timezone?:
I live in the peace-loving, amicable, non-belligerent land of Maryland, USA (We have tasty crabs).... oh and EAST COAST REPRESENT! EST timezone fyi.

How active will you be:

My level of "activeness" will usually be pretty attractive. I think it's fair to say that I've demonstrated this though my loyalty/time spent to the server eg. #1 in the rankings (la la la) with an unhealthy amount of rebirths. However, to be fair to myself I do have a life and my time spent with this community will most likely be inconsistent due to school, sports, homework, friends, basically the random life of a highschool student. (You've all been there)

My E-Mail is:

(Don't have to read if you don't care)
-MUSIC. It's one of my number one passions. I play guitar, and piano and of course listen to music 24/7.
-Chilling/random adventures with friends
-I run cross country/track and lift in local gyms. I care about having a healthy body and staying in shape.
-I'm highly involved with service/missions projects. For example, when I was privileged to Acapulco, Mexico this past summer where we stayed at an orphanage in Acapulco. I got to chill with adorable orphans for a week, and work locally on various construction projects. I've done many other various service/missions projects in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Cherokee, North Carolina.

Oh, and most importantly.. food. what is better? :]

How you'd handle a hacker:
(ss proof + ban of course Very Happy) Depending on the hack, I would either Immediately ban them, or I would likely give a warning accompanied with a creative punishment (I'm sometimes a fan of second chances). If someone thinks they are cool and all "TALK TO THE BOOTY BECAUSE THE HANDS ON DUTY" Then I'll ban-hammer the crap out of them.

If two people were fighting, what would you do? :
If two people were to fight, the result is something I like to call "pixel drama". I personally believe that pixel drama can be very healthy for a private server as it creates reasons for people to support each other, build friendships or build enemies. Drama keeps people online, and only builds upon the community. However, there is a such thing as unhealthy "pixel fights" or "pixel drama" in which an individual is completely unpleasant to the people around him or her, and causes nothing but trouble and bad reputation to the server. It's in these cases were action would be needed to try to deal with these people directly and work out the issue, and If worst does come to worst and the person is completely hopeless.. BAN HAMMER!

How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in?:
None, This is the first server I have ever applied to be a GM in :]
I have made my own little server before.. Where it was just me, and I would run around and pretend be cool using all my little GM commands. :]

secret Why should we choose you: secret
What is a "Good GM"?
I believe a GM is someone who has distinctive qualities and traits that make himself/herself be good in a leadership position.
Leadership characteristics that I believe qualify one as a GM include being:

Being Amiable- Being Amiable means being agreeable, friendly, sociable, and congenial. A GM needs to be well liked and known by the community. A GM needs to be very approachable for both new people and those who have any questions or problems that need to be addressed.

Loyalty - Being GM is a commitment, GM's needs to be devoted to the server, people enjoy having active GM's. Being Loyal also means being honest and fair. This means treating all players the same, and avoiding favoritism.

Knowing when to be serious - This one's pretty self explanatory. Depending on the situation, a GM need to know how to be serious in order to handle it.

Being Communicative - Communication is absolutely essential. Making clear announcements, organizing and explaining events, addressing peoples problems and questions, dealing with fights, and making sure people are aware of the rules and regulations of the server.

The last one is integrity, the adherence to moral and ethical principles. Integrity to me is staying true to my word.

My word is this: I will strive at my best to adhere to the traits, and characteristics ("qualifications") I have listed above.

Notice the word "strive". I am not a perfect human being and in no way do I consider myself to meet all of these qualifications perfectly. However, I will strive to do my best to meet the standards I listed above.

Reason I applied:
1.) I have time on my hands, and figured I could use my capable self to help out
2.) I like to be actively involved and committed to things, especially when It comes to helping out a community like AceMS which I've been involved with since the beginning. :]
3.) It's a new experience, I've never been a GM before and feel that I have the potential.
4.) WELL OBVIOUSLY. There is selfish motive, who doesn't want to be a BAMF GM?

Summary of yourself:
[b]I'm a pretty down to earth guy. I come from a household with 3 loud and crazy little brothers, so I've developed a pretty chill personality and don't let things bother me. I'm a JR in high school taking AP classes and crap :/ so my homework load is sometimes a biff (usually I don't even bother doing it). I'm extremely devoted to music, both listening and writing it. I like ALL genres of music. I'm also a pretty easily fascinated person, I find entertainment in almost anything. FOR EXAMPLE: I can spend hours in a department store with my friends.. climbing and hiding around in washing machines and refrigerators.. swinging on the hanging carpet.. (woot) They are freaking fun houses :]

Extra Info:
Thank you for reading my application, and I'm looking forward to the experiences AceMS has for me in the future. I intended this application to simply show my interest in being a GM, and what I personally have to offer for the community. In no way will I be disappointed If I am not "successful" now, or In the future, or even If I "don't have what it takes", or If my "application sucks/I SUCK AT GRAMMAR" :]

Once again, thank you for hearing me out,
Tyler :]

P.S. I do have a skype, aim, and msn. If interested, anyone can P.M me or whatever.

In game name:
Tyler (Add me to buddy/Ask me for guild if you ever are in need of help)

How long does it take for the earth to go around the sun?
This is what we call a year (365 days) <-- click for a bunch of sources if you doubt me :]

Java Code ^0^!?:
No sorry, I wish. D:

Simple questions. (1-2 word replies please)
1.Do you know the players/staff well enough to be chosen?: Yeah :]
2.Have you been on Ace Story long enough to deserve a GM position: Yepp
3.Do you help players any chance you get: Mhm :]
4.Are you of the age that is required to apply: Yes.
5.Please specify exactly(or around) how long you have been playing AceStory:I played first generation, and have been playing the new one since release :]


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PostSubject: Re: Tyler's GM application   Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Tyler's GM application   Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:36 am

Very nice.
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PostSubject: Re: Tyler's GM application   Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:55 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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PostSubject: Re: Tyler's GM application   Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:16 pm

Can has 3 paragraph essay about how cool sterling is.

Include colorful vocabulary, an attention grabbing introduction with ethos, pathos, and logos. kthxbai<3
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PostSubject: Re: Tyler's GM application   Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:13 pm

Nice App. ((:
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PostSubject: Re: Tyler's GM application   Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:45 am

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PostSubject: Re: Tyler's GM application   

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Tyler's GM application
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