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 my gm app to become gm

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PostSubject: my gm app to become gm   Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:00 pm

hello admins, gms and maplers
my name is Eylon
i playing in Global Maple Story 5 years and i sure that i know alot about maplestory.
if i will be a gm in AceStory i will help alot maplers. i 13 years old and my english is verry good.
i playing AceStory all the time:
30 mins in the morning when i wake up before school, after i back from school i playing maplestory ALL the day (active alot)
my name in AceStory is: Eylon
if i will be GM i will be very happy
ty and have a nice day
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my gm app to become gm
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