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 xTo0tsie's GM App

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Should we make xTo0tsie AKA Mandy/Amanda a GM?
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PostSubject: xTo0tsie's GM App   Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:14 pm

IGN: xTo0tsiE

Name: Mandy or Amanda

Age: 17

Location: Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

Contact Info: ace.chuang09@gmail.com

TimeZone: Uhm... I'm really not too sure about this, but maybe its -7 Mountain time

Experience (Please list your experiences for the position your applying for): Owned about 15 PS's of my own, in which some were very good .. & some were not. Lets see, I can only list a few names cause I can't remember all of them.
- RainbowMS
- CookieStory
- CrayolaMS
- UniversalMS (This is soo old.. my very first ps )
I worked for LoveStory back when v55 was soo popular .. such an old old server, its now shut down.. it was hosted by one of my good GMS friend. I was Co-Admin (oops... I forgot to mention that ).

What you can offer to the LunerMS team: Everything you can possibly think of. Keeping the players happy to solving problems to even bringing more people as needed .. maybe even ones from my own server as well as I can bring donators. But as much as I can do in coding .. I'm not very good, but I do know how to make NPC's . I can do GFX, anywhere from plain & simple to Animated & Kinda pro . I will admit that I am not a PRO at making banners .. but I do say that my work is some of the best, I guess thats just me . Uhm... I'm not really good at doing this kind of stuff, I've never really applied on another server before. Soo if you wanna know more, just reply below or add me on msn & we can chat .. or even in-game .

Time willing to dedicate to LunerMS: Everyday, 24/7 . Especially during school hours .. I am 17, & I am out of school (don't ask it's kinda personal). So most of my time will be spent on Luner or just lounging around on facebook.. or doing GFX .. maybe even videos (such as MMV's or advertising videos)

Other Comments: This server is one of the best I've seen so far .. well besides the Pro-ness ones. But I think that Duncan did an excellent job .. especially with this much people in a month. WOW, that really blew my mind when he told me .. I mean my server had about 20 people in a month & half..... maybe more. But anyways, keep up the great work & I hope that I will be accepted .. because I have much to offer ... it's just kinda hard to explain, thats all.

Loveee, Mandy .. Aka Tootsie xTo0tsiE

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PostSubject: Re: xTo0tsie's GM App   Fri Sep 17, 2010 10:19 pm

"What you can offer to the LunerMS team:"

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xTo0tsie's GM App
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