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 Isaac's Application for Position

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PostSubject: Isaac's Application for Position   Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:56 pm

What are you applying for :
I'm applying for position of GM

Name :
My name is Isaac

Age :

Where do you live/Timezone :
Pacific Time

How active will you be :
Almost every day

E-Mail :

Hobbies :
Playing Maplestory private servers

How you'd handle a hacker :
Ban automatically and offer no chances

If two people were fighting, what would you do? :
Id seperate them or give them a temporary ban if possible (15 mins or so)

How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in? :
A few, SupraMS, Rydah Ms, etc.

Why should we choose you:
Im well qualified, and can handle situations with common sense.

Reason i applied:
I believe i could be a positive influence on the server to help it out.

Summary of yourself :

Isaac// Single // 22 // LA, California

Plays Videogames, wile attending college, but somehow i always find time to play a few hours of maplestory a day. I enjoy books, but often find myself wandering over to the computer to play.

Extra Info :
I'm Beastly...

In game name :

Simple questions.

1.Do you know the players/staff well enough to be chosen?(This doesn't mean have you met the GMs/spoken to them once. Do you actually KNOW them. Please stop writing "Yes" when none of us know you. Thank you):

Not yet but i plan to

2.Have you been on Ace Story long enough to deserve a GM position:


3.Do you help players any chance you get:

SOMETIMES, if im not training someone.

4.Are you of the age that is required to apply(if no you might as well delete this app now):

Of course.

5.Please specify exactly(or around) how long you have been playing AceStory:

Few Weeks

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PostSubject: Re: Isaac's Application for Position   Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:59 pm

First post = app. No.
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PostSubject: Re: Isaac's Application for Position   Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:43 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Isaac's Application for Position   

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Isaac's Application for Position
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